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I spend my days graphic designing for my day job, (mostly professional-type business materials) so I love to design something girly and fun. It’s refreshing to use the colors & fonts I like and not worry about a client…so here’s something I just designed for fun. “Do small things with great love.” Download it, print it, hang it. Save the wallpaper as your desktop on your computer. Enjoy!

Printable (8.5 x 11)

Desktop Wallpaper
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What’s For Dinner?

What’s For Dinner is a weekly post that highlights the best & worst recipes I made for dinner over the last week.

Best things I made:

Korean Barbecue Flank Steak from Rachael Ray – It was super yummy – we had a lot of flank steak and I wasn’t sure what else to do with it besides fajitas or Steak Sandwiches. This was a really good marinade! A bit too spicy for my toddler, but just right for my husband and I.

Grilled Chicken with Lemon Basil Pasta from The Pioneer Woman – I was so excited to find basil at the store after 6 months of living here in Mexico. I jumped on the Pioneer Woman’s website and searched for anything with basil. Oh my goodness. This was so incredibly good. I didn’t make a whole lot because my husband and I are dieting and we are trying to control our portions. My husband said he had to leave the room or he was going to finish off the pan and lick it clean. It was that good.

Warm Chicken Ginger Salad – I got this off of the Slim Fast website, so my expectations were not very high. I have to say, it was actually really good. The salad itself wasn’t too exciting, but the dressing was delicious. I’d definitely make the dressing again and throw it on my own salad. I rarely make salads for dinner and my husband’s comment was, “If this didn’t have chicken in it, I’d probably die.” Can you tell we are not good dieters?

Worst thing I made:

Steamed Asparagus…I usually don’t mind frozen asparagus, but I also usually throw parmesan cheese and olive oil on it. I was try to be healtheir so I steamed it. Bleh. It was tough and bland and plain ol’ gross.

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My Grafico…how did I miss this?

I just found the My Grafico site over on Little Birdie Secret’s giveaway and I’m wondering how I haven’t seen this site before?!

They have really amazing quality printables including invitations, graphics, party kits and much more for great prices.

This printable pirate party set is $6!

The best thing is that they have a freebie section!

this printable Halloween party kit is free

I entered Little Birdie Secret’s giveaway…here’s hoping I win!

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Turning 30 & Birthday Printable

Not me, I’m still a few years away from the big 3-0, but this weekend we celebrated my husband’s 30th birthday. I tried to decide if I wanted to do a theme for the party, but couldn’t come up with something great for a 30th, so I decided to just go with “Turning 30” being the theme.


I hung up signs around the room with random facts and quotes I found about turning 30 – my hubby wasn’t especially encouraged about losing muscle mass.

I hung up this Happy Birthday pennant banner above the food table – it added just the right amount of festivity. (I’ve included the printable below.)

I figured a man’s party is mostly about food, but we didn’t want to serve a full meal, so we went with snacks. After putting together our menu I realized that the real theme of the party was “Cream cheese” because everything we picked had cream cheese:

Bacon-wrapped Stuff Jalapenos, Stuffed Mushrooms, Creamy Caramel Apple Dip,

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake w/Cream Cheese Icing (shaped as an Apple laptop)…lots and lots of fattening cream cheese.

Fattening, but delicious.

P.S. If you like chocolate cake – try this recipe. Trust me, it’s a-maz-ing.

Here’s the Happy Birthday Pennant Banner (printable on an 8.5 x 11)


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Quiz: What’s Your Signature? I’m Modern.

I love quizzes…that’s always my favorite part of any magazine. Even ones that have nothing applicable to my life like “Who’s your celeb beauty match?”

So when I saw the Ethan Allen Quiz, “What’s Your Signature,”  over at How About Orange, I had to take it.

My style results were “Modern” which I wasn’t too surprised with especially this part of the description: “Simplicity and functionality are key.” So true. The only thing I’d add is that my “modern” has to also be comfortable – not modern like space age modern.

These were their examples of modern:

Go take the quiz – you know you want to…it will take like 1 minute. Oh, and post your results in the comments – was your result accurate or way off?

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Homemade Baby Food

I’m sure you’ve been there…sitting at a baby shower, eating cookies and drinking fizzy punch. And all of a sudden it’s time to play games…yippee.

I always start wondering, “will I have to smell a Reese’s peanut butter cup poo smashed into a diaper?”

“Will I have to drink something out of a baby bottle?”

Nope, this time I get to eat baby food. Yep, I’m sure you’ve played the game where they take the the labels off of the baby food and you have to guess what kind it is by tasting or smelling it. Now, you don’t have to taste it, but if you’re competitive like me, it’s all about winning and sometimes smelling just isn’t enough. That is until you take a bite of creamed spinach baby food and you almost lose your punch all over the centerpiece. All you can think is, “That does not taste like any veggie I’ve ever had…that doesn’t even taste like food.” It’s the same thing with the carrots and the peas – they vaguely resemble their namesake, but taste so far from the actual veggie.

I figured if I thought the flavor was terrible, why would I want to feed it to my baby? So, I decided to make my own. These are my reasons:

1. It tastes better. The carrots taste like carrots. ‘Nuf said.

2. It’s cheaper. Baby food can get expensive when you are going through jar after jar. Buying bulk vegetables is a lot cheaper and goes a long way.

3. There’s more variety. The sky’s the limit when it comes to making your own baby food – you can use any veggie, any combination and get creative. And I live in Mexico – there are literally 2 kinds of vegetable baby foods for stage 1 – squash and carrots.

I know that this seems like one of those things that only moms who do cloth diapers and baby sign language would do…but really, it’s not that complicated and it takes very little time.

This is how I do it.

I buy whatever veggies I want to use. I plan to use that same vegetable for our dinner and I throw a bunch of them into the oven to roast or steam them on the stove (using my state-of-the art steamer made from a colander over a pot).

I take out about half to serve for our dinner and I take the other half and throw them in the blender.

Add some water (it’s not an exact science) and blend. If it seems too think, keep adding water until you reach the consistency you need.

My lil’ guy is just starting solids so I blend the heck out of it. But you can blend it to the desired consistency of your kiddo. You can also use a food processor for more variety in texture.

Rabbit trail…This is a picture of my backsplash…I like to call it “vintage” instead of ugly. It makes me feel better.

I freeze mine in ice cube trays so that they are ready for individual servings.

So, in about a half an hour, I’ve got a vegetable mostly ready for dinner and a weeks worth of food for the baby.

And when I’m feeding him and get a drop on my hand, I don’t hesitate to lick it off because, it won’t gag me…it just tastes like green beans…without the chewing. 🙂

One great book with recipes for flavor combinations is Tyler Florence’s “Start Fresh – Your Chid’s Jump Start to Lifelong Healthy Eating.”

It has recipes all the way up into childhood as well. My favorite thing is that it shows you how to do double duty with one recipe. For example, Roasted Broccoli with Parmesan and Olive Oil babyfood – you feed it to baby and use the same puree as a sauce for pasta. Genius.

Give it a try, if it doesn’t work for you, give it up and move on – I won’t judge you.

Do you have any good baby food recipes? Anything your kids gobble up? I’d love to hear it so I can try it!



50% off Personalized Children’s Books

I found this deal on Mamasource and snatched it up for Christmas presents for my boys:


$15 for $30 worth of books from Little Heroes.

(That means you can get almost 2 soft cover books for your $15.)


Besides adding your child’s name to the book, you can customize the look of the kid to look like yours! I checked out the books and I think “The Obnoxious Dragon” is definitely going to be one I buy…it is cute and has a good moral – always a bonus.

Sign up for Mamasource and check out this great deal.