friday favs – jewelry organizers


So, this is what my jewelry looks like.

Yes, it’s in ziplock bag…tangled and terrible. How can I convince my husband I need more accessories when I can’t even get a necklace out of this mess?

I’m looking for an easy, cheap way to organize my jewelry and make something cute. So…thanks to Pinterest, I’ve found plenty of ideas and am going to tackle one this week.


Here are some of my favs:

Jewelry hangy-thingamabob from Love Your Way
Jewelry storage from HomeGoods
Branch Jewelry Display from Apartment Therapy
Hanging Jewelry Organizer from A Time for Everything


I bought this frame today from a street vendor ($8) and I think I’m going to use it…can’t wait to get started on mine!

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creative genius link party #3

What a great link party we had last week…I am loving all of these fall and Halloween ideas! Don’t know if I’m quite ready for Christmas ideas to start popping up…:)

This week’s links will pop up in random order that way everyone has a good chance of getting their link viewed and clicked on.

Remember, the link that gets the most clicks, will get their blog button displayed near the top of my homepage sidebar for the next week! (Check out the button for Threading My Way, the winner from this week).

The top three most clicked links will be featured Monday after the link party ends!

Creative Genius Party

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Guest Post – Taylor from Our Military Home

Welcome to Taylor…a super smart law school gal who seems to be able to tackle it all – read her post, enter the giveaway and then hop over to her blog, Our Military Home, to read more.

A Decor Grinch’s Guide to Loving Your Home


Hi, my name is Taylor.  I’m a recovering law student and the wife of a Navy sailor.  I’m honored to guest post for Paige, a friend from my hometown of Chandler, AZ.  This is my first guest post, which is pretty exciting.

After I married my Navy husband, Mr. H., I packed all of my worldly possessions into my tiny Hyundai and drove across the country from Arizona to the East Coast to live in an Old, Weird Townhome near a major Army installation.  Soon after, I started up my final year of law school and barely had time to think about putting on mascara, a MUST for us pasty gals, much less decorating for the holidays.  I remember hearing a friend tell tales of beautiful fall decor and responding, “I’m just not into the whole Holiday decorating thing.”  Well, hindsight is always better than foresight.  When I look back, I know that I really was into the whole Holiday decorating thing, but was exhausted at the prospect of it and bewildered about where to begin.  What’s more, my own mother always put up gorgeous holiday decorations for Christmas in her grand home, and I thought that the only thing worthy of placement in the Old, Weird Townhome was a Charley Brown Christmas tree, which we later found at Walmart for the low price of $20 and promptly set up in our living room (fire hazard be darned).

A year later, I’m sitting here in early October thinking about Holiday decorations again, but my perspective has changed.  I’ve decided that any house should be a home.  We military folks move from place to place, and many of you, military and non-military alike, have probably lived in a rental home, small home, or other less-than-idealic abode.  I finally realized that this fact should not, and must not, stop me from making the Old, Weird Townhome beautiful.

After all, it’s old.  It’s weird.  But it’s ours.

It’s high time that I stopped waiting for the perfect place in which to celebrate the holidays and take advantage of that with which God has blessed me.  That’s when I decided to embrace the Holidays and make these semi-portable DIY Holiday shelves.

P.S., I’m also giving away the black pumpkin frame to a Creative Paige reader.  Paige will explain how to enter to win it.

More on point, though, have you ever lived in a crusty old place that floods whenever it rains?  Are the ceilings in your current locale also too short to properly hold a Christmas tree?  How do you carry on and make your house a home, despite less-than-perfect living conditions?


Isn’t she great?

I think we all need a crappy first Christmas tree story (ours was the floor model from Wal-Mart…$15!).

To enter to win Taylor’s pumpkin frame pictured above, leave a comment below telling me something about a crappy place you’ve lived…your college dorm…first apartment…maybe where you live right now! Tell me about it…I’ll post mine in the comments (but I won’t let myself win…). One entry per person. Giveaway ends Friday, Sept. 30th midnight. 

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Mini-Pallet Fall Art

Ok, so I jumped on the pallet bandwagon. I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t help myself. They had these little mini-pallet type things at Home Depot and they were only $6! Now, I’m sure you think everything’s cheaper in Mexico…it’s not. Almost everything is more expensive. So, finding a crafty project for under $10 is a MIRACLE! I saw this and knew I had to do something with it.


I just wasn’t sure what. There have been so many great palette ideas recently online…so here is my creation with the inspiration of many others:

from Young and Crafty


from Martha Stewart 



Here’s the step-by-step:

First I painted the slats with different fall toned colors.

Then I drew out an outline of a branch with a white pencil.

I cut out fall leaves using my Silhouette SD and traced them onto the wood.

Then I filled in the branch and leaves.

Pretty easy, right? I just wish I had a mantel to put it on…it’s pretty heavy to hang on our crazy concrete walls…



I love to link up to Today’s Creative Blog! Check out the other parties I link up to here.
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that’s genius week #2

Thanks to everyone for participating in this week’s Creative Genius link party! Hope you had a wonderful, restful weekend and are ready to tackle the new week with all that energy!

And now, for the most clicked links from the party!

Top 3 most clicked links were:

Tank Dress Tutorial from Sweet Sewn Stiches

Twirl Skirt from Threading My Way

Knitted Monkey from Green Bean Gardens


And the title of Creative Genius (the most clicked link) goes to:

Twirl Skirt from Threading My Way!


Congratulations to Pam! I’ll be placing your button on the top of my sidebar for the next week – I hope you get lots of traffic!

Make sure to come back next Friday and link up your creative ideas – maybe next week you’ll be the Creative Genius!

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