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an empty wall…

Unfortunately, our house doesn’t offer a lot of opportunities for wall art. The entire rear wall is mostly windows and the rest tends to be small bits of angled wall interrupted by doors or stairs. Our one large wall is the one I stenciled (shown here) and has a simple mirror to break up the busy pattern.

Recently, we moved around some furniture in order to better showcase this beautiful Amish dry sink we got from my husband’s grandmother.



We had used it upstairs as a changing table but felt like that kept it waaay too hidden for something this great. So, we moved it downstairs into our dining/kitchen area and now right above it is a huge empty wall.



As soon as I saw it, my wheels started turning…what would I put there? Something wooden/antique? Framed artwork? A shelf for seasonal items? I love gallery walls, but already have one up the stairs – evidenced here.

Then…I remembered seeing an idea while back and wishing I had a spot for it – a plate wall!

I love the vintage look and feel like it could really mesh with our modern farmhouse style. So, I started browsing around the web for some inspiration and found these:


image sources here, here, here & here

I can’t wait to get started – but this is definitely going to be a work in progress as I watch for plates at thrift stores and slowly build a (cheap) collection that will work. I checked Goodwill today and found nothing that was even remotely cute. This might take me even longer than I had expected! Once I have something to show – I’ll share some pics and prices.

My one dilemma is this: my uber-symetrical brain loves the more organized version, but I feel like the whimsical version that travels up the wall might be a better fit for the shape of my available space. Thoughts? Concerns? Suggestions?

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Friday Favorites – Blogs I’m Diggin’

Last week I shared Fonts I’m Diggin’, so this week I thought I’d share some blogs/sites I’m really loving right now:

Modern Parents Messy Kids

Engage Your Kids, Simplify Your Life, Find Your Style
  • Favorite Post: How I Organized My Entire Life (this post cracked me up – I even read it out loud for a workshop I did)
  • Why I love it: Simple, but creative parenting ideas, great photography, awesome organization tips


Nice Girl Notes

blowing minds since the 80s
  • Favorite Post: Girl vs. Suburban Bathroom 
  • Why I love it: I have no idea how I stumbled over to Nice Girl Notes, but from the first post, I was hooked. She constantly cracks me up – and I’m not usually easily humored. Oh, and her Cute Stuff Sale is incredible. I sat through my first one when we were living in Mexico and my husband thought I was a psycho because I didn’t even want to get up to go to the bathroom. It was that exciting. And I bought an awesome scardigan.


Rage Against the Minivan

  • Favorite Post: Gun Control 
  • Why I love it: Honesty. It’s rare to find a blogger who seems to write really well, but it doesn’t sound like a news article. It really sounds like you’re sitting and having a great conversation. Conversations about funny things like kids and poo, but also good conversations about life, adoption and parenthood. You won’t be disappointed.

So You Think You’re Crafty

10 weeks – 10 crafters – you decide
  • Why I love it: I love competition…and crafting, so this is the best of both worlds. The ideas are awesome and I love stopping by to vote each week. I don’t think I’d ever have the guts to compete…yes, I’m a weenie.



Baby Half Off

A Deal a Day. Always Half Off or More
  • Why I love it: Great deals! I’ve bought some things for at least 50% off of the price in stores. I’m still waiting for their Cold Seats (car seat ice packs) to come back. And if you live in the Gilbert area, you can pick up your items and pay no shipping!


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Friday Favorites – My Home Wishlist

So, I’ve mentioned that we moved back to the U.S. just a few weeks ago…I’m pretty excited! One of the hardest things about an international move is that you don’t get to keep much of your stuff…it’s just too expensive to transport it all back to the States. So, we sold almost everything. Once we settle down, we’ll pretty much be starting over. I don’t know exactly where we are going to live, but that hasn’t stopped me from gathering inspiration for our new place! Here are the things I’ve been finding that I love so far:



Yellow and Gray color schemes:

Yellow and Gray Styleboard from ‘Tis So Sweet  // Yellow and Gray Living Room from Style at Home // Bay window Kitchen nook from


Aqua and White kitchens:

Retro Turqoise Cabinets from Life In Grace // Kitchen from Hiya Papaya // Martha Stewart kitchen from Poppytalk


Amazing Kid’s rooms:

 Zoey’s Handmade Heaven from Ohdeedoh // Emerson’s Nursery from Project Nursery // Bright Kid’s Room from Hiya Papaya


Can’t wait to start putting some of these great ideas into practice…

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That’s Genius #6

Hey everybody, thanks for stopping by and linking up to the Creative Genius link party this week! I’m so impressed by all of your awesome Halloween and fall ideas…if I had the money, my whole house would be covered with fall!

And now, for the most clicked links from the party!

Top 3 most clicked links were:

Save the Holes from The Brown Eyes Have It

Free Phone Call from a Princess from Family Ever After

Circle Skirt from Threading My Way

You guys can hop over and grab a featured button to display on your site!

And the title of Creative Genius (the most clicked link) goes to:

Circle Skirt from Threading My Way

Congratulations to Pam! I’ll be placing your button on the top of my sidebar for the next week – adorable skirt!

Make sure to come back next Friday and link up your creative ideas – maybe next week you’ll be the Creative Genius!

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that’s genius #5

Hey everybody, thanks for stopping by and linking up to the Creative Genius link party this week! I haven’t even had time to go through all of them and check them out – life has been CRAZY this last week and I have a feeling it is only going to get crazier through the end of the year!

And now, for the most clicked links from the party!

Top 3 most clicked links were:

Scripture Dots from Babblings and More

Scarecrow Crunch from Prairie Cottage Rose

Spiderweb Bracelet from Happy Hour Crafting

You guys can hop over and grab a featured button to display on your site!

And the title of Creative Genius (the most clicked link) goes to:

Scarecrow Crunch from Prairie Cottage Rose

Congratulations to Shelley! I’ll be placing your button on the top of my sidebar for the next week – this looks super yummy! Hoping to make some soon!

Make sure to come back next Friday and link up your creative ideas – maybe next week you’ll be the Creative Genius!

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friday favs – jewelry organizers


So, this is what my jewelry looks like.

Yes, it’s in ziplock bag…tangled and terrible. How can I convince my husband I need more accessories when I can’t even get a necklace out of this mess?

I’m looking for an easy, cheap way to organize my jewelry and make something cute. So…thanks to Pinterest, I’ve found plenty of ideas and am going to tackle one this week.


Here are some of my favs:

Jewelry hangy-thingamabob from Love Your Way
Jewelry storage from HomeGoods
Branch Jewelry Display from Apartment Therapy
Hanging Jewelry Organizer from A Time for Everything


I bought this frame today from a street vendor ($8) and I think I’m going to use it…can’t wait to get started on mine!

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friday favorites – knitted

So, I learned to knit this week. Well, by learned I mean I can knit a long straight scarf-like piece. Not sure that categorizes me as a knitter, but I took string and 2 sticks and made something, so to me, that’s cool.

Most craft supplies are expensive here, but knitting needles and yarn are not, so I thought it would be a good, cheap hobby.

The first night I wanted to break those needles in half…watching youtube videos to learn to knit = impossible. But finally, something clicked and I figured it out. All that to say…now I have knitting on the brain.

So, here are my favorite knitted things (most of which I found on Pinterest/Etsy).

1. Phoebe Infinity Scarf from
2. Prairie Boots from Coco Knits
3. Knit Bracelets from Pinterest
4. Dusty Purple Chunky Knit Scarf from
5. Mug & French Press Jacket from M.K. Carroll
6. Winter Forest Cowl from
7. Jersey Knit Bracelet from V and Co.
8. Knitted Gray Handbag from



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Friday Favorites – all things pumpkin!

Fall is coming and that means we can bring on the pumpkin! I love pumpkin…problem is…the pumpkins I found here in Puebla were $4/lb! Eek! That’s a whole lotta moolah! I’m hoping they’ll get cheaper as Halloween gets closer or maybe I can find some canned pumpkin (fingers crossed).

Here are my favorite pumpkin related posts:

Cinnamon Caramel Apple Pumpkins from Bakingdom

Pumpkin Pie White Hot Chocolate from Closet Cooking

Snickerdoodle Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches from Pennies on a Platter

Mini Pumpkin Cakes from Southern Living

DIY Pumpkin Specimen Art from My Blessed Life

Lacy Pumpkin from Better Homes & Gardens

Paper pumpkins from It Happened Like This…

Do you have any favorite pumpkin recipes/ideas? I’d love to hear them…I can’t enjoy them right now, but I’m saving all these for when I do find some pumpkin!

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Friday Favorites…for the home

Things I’m loving and wish were currently in my home:

Recipe Card Wall Hanging from Splendor

recipe card wall hanging
my mom has some recipe card written by my Grandma...this would look great with those


Bookshelf made from apple crates from Sherryl Galt’s Pinterest

I bet I could find crates for dirt cheap here in Mexico

“I love you because” frame from Etsy


Scrabble Tile Magnets from Kinderpendent

note to self: watch for old Scrabble games at garage sales

Mason Jar Chandelier
 from Instructables//

Tree Carving Wall Hanging by The Little Giggler


Check out all of my past Friday Favorites!

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Friday Favorites – kid & baby rooms

So, living where we do – I’ve had to learn to live a little differently. In the States, I loved decorating Zander’s nursery and I didn’t even have to spend that much because of sales, inexpensive stores & so many do-it-yourself projects. Here in Mexico, childrens’ items are expensive. Decorating your nursery doesn’t mean hopping over to Hobby Lobby (because there isn’t one) or whipping something up (because supplies are hard to find). So, I’ve learned to be ok with simplicity.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t love a really beautiful nursery or a great kids room. Here are some of the ones I’ve been pining over admiring.


Tripp’s Room from Hope, Longing and Life at Hyphen Interiors

I love the bright, fun red of this room. The alphabet wall is my favorite part.



Hannah’s Vintage Nursery from Lemon Tree Creations

Oh, if I ever have a girl. I love that this is not your typical pink girls’ room. The blue, yellow & grey is so cute.
the homemade sunshine artwork is adorable...and I love the doily mobile.


Book wall from Frugal with a Flourish

We love books, so I think this floating bookshelf wall is amazing. It’s almost like a huge, colorful wall hanging, but can be used and enjoyed for years to come.


For now, this is what my kiddo’s rooms look like:



Yes, they need help.