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My New Aqua Bench!

So, I had this bench…

Nothing too spectacular – it was something my husband’s grandma gave us and I hoped we could find a place for it. Inadvertently, it became the place we put our shoes on and was actually really helpful in our living room. I wanted to add some more color to our living room (it’s a lot of gray, gray, gray), so I decided to paint it.

Luckily, during the month of March, Ace Hardware was giving away quarts of their new Clark + Kensington paint and I made sure to get down there bright and early for my quart. The color I chose was Saxton – an aqua blue-y color. I wasn’t sure what I would use it for, but I knew I would use it somewhere.

It turned out to be perfect for my bench!

I googled lots of furniture tutorials to make sure I wouldn’t mess it up too badly. In the end, I just decided to experiment and see what would happen.

Here’s what I did:

1. Sand it.

2. Wipe it clean.

3. Paint it. (this paint is primer and paint in one)

4. Scuff up edges and corners with sand paper

4. Mix another color with water and apply lightly. I used the gray we had left from our walls (Sherwin Williams’ Pussywillow) and wiped it on and wiped it off until I liked the look. I left it heavier on edges and corners. It’s not super obvious, but adds some depth to the bench.

5. I plan to put a coat of something over it to keep it from scratching, but haven’t gotten there yet.

Every person who walks in asks where I got it…and I love that it was free!

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friday favs – jewelry organizers


So, this is what my jewelry looks like.

Yes, it’s in ziplock bag…tangled and terrible. How can I convince my husband I need more accessories when I can’t even get a necklace out of this mess?

I’m looking for an easy, cheap way to organize my jewelry and make something cute. So…thanks to Pinterest, I’ve found plenty of ideas and am going to tackle one this week.


Here are some of my favs:

Jewelry hangy-thingamabob from Love Your Way
Jewelry storage from HomeGoods
Branch Jewelry Display from Apartment Therapy
Hanging Jewelry Organizer from A Time for Everything


I bought this frame today from a street vendor ($8) and I think I’m going to use it…can’t wait to get started on mine!

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Mini-Pallet Fall Art

Ok, so I jumped on the pallet bandwagon. I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t help myself. They had these little mini-pallet type things at Home Depot and they were only $6! Now, I’m sure you think everything’s cheaper in Mexico…it’s not. Almost everything is more expensive. So, finding a crafty project for under $10 is a MIRACLE! I saw this and knew I had to do something with it.


I just wasn’t sure what. There have been so many great palette ideas recently online…so here is my creation with the inspiration of many others:

from Young and Crafty


from Martha Stewart 



Here’s the step-by-step:

First I painted the slats with different fall toned colors.

Then I drew out an outline of a branch with a white pencil.

I cut out fall leaves using my Silhouette SD and traced them onto the wood.

Then I filled in the branch and leaves.

Pretty easy, right? I just wish I had a mantel to put it on…it’s pretty heavy to hang on our crazy concrete walls…



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Homemade Quiet Book

It’s finally finished! Feels like I’ve been working on this thing forever…it’s been more like 2 weeks, but it takes a long time when you’ve only got naptimes and nighttime to finish a tedious project like this.

I got all of the ideas for this from Making the World Cuter. I’d give instructions, but she did such a good job getting me through the whole process, I’ll let you read her instructions.

The key to this project is using the potholders for pages! What a brilliant idea! It makes it so you have these great quilted pages and you don’t have to do any of the sewing!

The great thing about a project like this is that you can make the pages have whatever you want on them. I did some of the same as the tutorial and did some of my own ideas. Here are the pages I included:

1. the toolbox (every boy book needs this one)

2. the racetrack (complete with racecars attached to the page with yarn)

3. a basketball court (we are huge phoenix suns fans, so I made my 5 favorite players)

4. a refrigerator, plate and food (the fridge has a pocket to store all of the food)

5. a head and face

Hobby Lobby had the fabric for 30% off and purchased all of the sheets of felt for 4/$1. The potholders are from Dollar Tree (2/$1).  It was definitely an inexpensive project, but it doesn’t look cheap at all!

It turned out so great, I’m kind of afraid to give to to my 14 month old for fear that he’d tear it all apart…I think I might save it until his 2nd birthday as a special gift.

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D.I.Y. Teepee-style tent

My son received so many great gifts for Christmas this year, but my favorites (of course) are the handmade ones. One of those was a teepee style tent from his Grandma.

She got the idea from one she had seen somewhere and found directions over at Sew, Mama, Sew!.

She followed the directions on the site except for she used PVC pipes for the poles (cheaper) and used bungee cords to hold it together at the top.

Now, on it’s own, a tent is pretty cool, but my mom had one more idea to make it even more special. She decided she wanted one-year-old Zander to paint the tent himself. She bought non-toxic paint and a plastic tarp, stripped him down to his diaper, got the camera ready, got a bath ready and let him loose.

(before it all began)

Surprisingly, the mess was not as bad as I had anticipated. All of the paint managed to stay on him, the tarp and the plastic!

Not only did the tent turn out great, he had a great time making a mess and painting the tarp and his body. Some have called us brave for being willing to make a mess, but I say what’s a little mess compared to great pictures and wonderful memories?