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My Favs – Pre-School Books



My lil’ guys LOVE reading – which makes me a very happy  book-loving Mommy.

We take weekly trips to the library and I always hit up the book section at Savers & Goodwill for cheap books.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite recent finds:


We love Oliver Jeffers…especially these two:

How to Catch a Star



My 3-year-old can quote every word of this book…

 I Love You, Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt


We’ve read this one so many times, even I can quote every word…

How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague
(we love all of the ‘How do Dinosaurs’ books)

This one is especially great with the Tickle Monster mitts…

Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett 

What books do your pre-schoolers love? I am always looking to add more to our library!


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Friday Favorites – Things I’ve loved about living in Mexico

1. Streetside food vendors

Now I have to admit that the results of eating off of the street are not always ideal – I have had my fair share of upset stomach after sampling street food…however, the food is so good and so cheap and most of the time, you don’t get sick. You just can’t beat a homemade tortilla made into a quesadilla over a fire filled with chorizo, mushrooms and delicious cheese. All for less than $2.


2. Kid’s Birthday Parties/Pinatas

I’ve done pinatas before in the States, but there’s just something great about everyone standing around in a circle singing this song:

Dale, dale, dale.
No pierdas el tino.
Porque si lo pierdes.
Pierdes el camino.
Ya le diste una.
Ya le diste dos.
Ya le diste tres.
Y tu tiempo se acabó.

Hit it, hit it, hit it.
Don’t lose your aim.
Because if you lose it.
You lose the way.
You hit it once.
You hit it twice.
You hit it three times.
And your time is up.


3. Interesting Foods

We’ve definitely been able to try new and different foods. Zander loved trying Dragon fruit – mostly because of the name. He has also developed a love for mango, which I never really bought in the States, but he eats a lot here.


4. National Pride

I love the 4th of July – I love being an American, but it is super fun to see how other countries celebrate their independence. We had a great time being here for Mexican Independence Day in September. However, the late-night fireworks (3am) were not my favorite.

5. Hearing my lil’ man speak Spanish

Nothing beats hearing Zander come home from school and start counting in Spanish. He goes to K1 here, so he is learning new things everyday. It sometimes comes as a surprise to me when he asks for “Leche Chocolate” instead of saying Chocolate Milk. I love that he has gotten to be exposed to a new language at such a young age.


All that to say that we are going to be leaving Mexico in just a few short weeks! It’s been an incredible experience, but we are excited to be back in the States in time for the Holidays. I apologize in advance if my blog gets a little neglected over the next month as we pack up, sell most of our stuff, head back, find jobs and settle in. I promise I’ll be back stronger than ever once we figure out where we are going to live!  Thanks for you patience!


the “P” word

Ok, so I hate “p” words.

I don’t even want to write them here, but I guess I have to so that you know what I’m talking about. You know…all those gross bodily function words? (poo, pee, pimple, puss, phart…ok that starts with an f)

I am just not one of those people who likes to discuss these things…I think they are private things.

Boy, how does having kids change your life! I think I talk about poo at least 5 times a day! My husband will yell to me, “Honey, come look at Pax’s diaper…it’s a weird color.” And I actually come, look and analyze the color of my son’s poo.

It’s gross, I know. But, you have to understand how far I’ve come as a mother.

However, my two (almost three) year old has entered a new phase. He’s completely potty trained and is a champ at going #2. I’ve gotten over getting grossed out when emptying the little potty and cleaning him up. I can handle it. I cannot, however, handle what my son proceeds to do after pooping.

He has to tell me what shape it looks like! Bleh.


“Momma, it looks like a pickle!” He exclaims.

To which (like any other good mother) I reply, “That’s great, Zander, you are such a smart boy.”

You’d think that reply would be enough. But, no.

“Momma, you didn’t look at it.”

“Zander, yes, I did. It looks like a pickle.” I’m lying…I try to avoid actually looking at the poo.

“Momma, you’re not looking at it. You have to see the pickle.”


Oy vey. I have to look at it. He won’t relent until I’ve studied the thing and agreed that it does indeed look like a pickle…or an octopus or an “O” or a smiley face or any other object that it remotely resembles.

Yes, each time, it’s something different and I have to examine and agree.

And honestly, he’s pretty smart.

It really did look like a pickle.

How have you changed since you’ve become a mother? I’d love to hear your stories!


Happy 1/2 Birthday!

This lil’ guy is celebrating his 1st half birthday today!


I love stopping to really think about the last 6 months. It’s been a whirlwind of changes…moving to Mexico in January and having a baby here in March. I know if I don’t make myself stop and reflect, it’s all going to just zoom by.  This guy has given us 6 months of pure joy. He is cuddly, loving, happy, content and loves to laugh and smile. He definitely embodies his name, Pax (peace in Latin). I joke that he is the perfect baby, but really, it’s no joke. He has been a joy to us and leaves me feeling like I could have more kids. (Everyone says after an easy baby, you get a really hard one…hmmm)

I know this is one of those gushy posts that only family wants to read, but this is what is important to me today and hey, it’s my blog, right?