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Guest Post from My Sister’s Suitcase – Lil’ Monster Art Gallery

Today’s guest post is from Holly at My Sister’s Suitcase…and are you in for a treat!

You must, must head over to this blog…seriously…it’s new but already filled with fabulous ideas. I love that it’s two sisters writing a blog together – that just makes it even more fun. I knew as soon as I saw this site for the first time that I wanted them to share here at The Creative Paige.

Hi! I’m Holly, visiting here from My Sister’s Suitcase. My sister, Nat, and I just started our blog last month and Paige has been really sweet and supportive! She is helping us learn the “blogging ropes” 🙂 So I was super excited when she asked us to do a guest post for her.

With Halloween quickly approaching, I’ve been trying to fit in a few fun projects with the kids. They love this time of year, and I like to have them help create some of our Halloween decor. If you haven’t seen this post, last month I decided to create a HUGE magnetic chalkboard/wall art for my dining room {from an old canvas painting.} With the help of my “little monsters” we updated it for Halloween with some custom art and fun glitter frames.

Today I’m going to show you how we created the frames and our ‘Lil Monster Art Gallery 🙂

Here are the materials we gathered up for this project:


What you’ll need:

1. Glitter foam sheets with sticky back {8.5 x11} – (I got mine at Michael’s for $1.49 each)

2. Roll of adhesive magnets – ($1.00)

3. Scissors

4. Felt, craft foam, material, feathers… whatever you have leftover in your craft supplies 🙂

5. Frame templates – (I hand sketched some designs, you can download the pdf here, or draw your own!)

6. Free monster printables from Family Fun {the individual pdfs are linked later in this post}, and moustaches from The Paper Doll Shoppe

I had the idea of making an art gallery that my kids could customize and switch around whenever they want 🙂 That is the beauty of magnets… everything is moveable! I started with my frames. I wanted some blingy frames for our art, without the mess of glue and glitter all over my kitchen 🙂 Enter glitter foam…

I LOVE these adhesive-backed glitter foam sheets:

I have used them for several projects, one of my favorites is my glittericious birthday crown. But there are SO many ways you can use this stuff, it is great for kids too. We used 3 different colors of foam for our frames… turquoise, black, and citron green {my fav!}
Start by drawing your frame templates (or just print mine.)


Then, peel the backing paper off your foam sheet (I got some help with this part!)


Adhere your choice of template to the sticky side of the foam.
Now, you are all ready to cut out your frame! Easy peezy! Here’s what you have when you are done cutting out your frames:
Just add a few strips of your adhesive magnets to the back, and your frames are done! I love that this is a glueless project 🙂
Now, for our monsters…. whaa aaahaahaa! When I found these free printable monsters on Family Fun, I knew their little faces would be perfect! You can download all the printables I used here:
I wanted the kids to be able to “accessorize” their monsters and make them a bit more silly 🙂 I am kinda crushing on the moustache trend right now, and I found these adorable moustache and lip printables that I had to use!
Besides those, I let the kids pick what else they wanted to create. My 4-year-old wanted a crown on his “lion” {werewolf} and my 6-year-old did everything himself… some scary teeth, blood drops (really?) funky hat, and his favorite… green hair sticking out of his Dracula’s ears 🙂 It was really easy to make the accessories… we just cut out the pattern (moustache, etc) stuck it to the back of the foam (or pinned it on some felt, etc) and then cut it out. So simple.
We figured out where we wanted all of the “extras” on the monster faces, and then just attached magnet strips to the back of the face in the correct spots. Then, each “extra” was backed with a small magnet strip and now it stuck right on where we wanted it to be!
Finally, we were ready to put our monsters in the frames, and add the the silly accessories to their faces. My kids had so much fun seeing their creations. I think my favorite look is the mustache on the Frankenstein 🙂
If you don’t want to go to the trouble of making the monsters, the frames are SO easy to do, and make a great place to display artwork, special papers from school, etc. Here are a few of our frames on the fridge:
I hope you enjoyed this idea for an easy art project… I know my kids did!
Oh, and I almost forgot, one of my very favorite parts of the final “gallery” is the black sign I hung at the top… I got it last week at Michael’s, on clearance for $1.99! I think it is a seasonal item for Halloween, so it may be even cheaper now. The best part is, you can use a Chalk Marker to write on it, and it wipes completely clean! I’ve tested it a few times 🙂
You could use it as a countdown for various holidays, or just switch it out with your favorite quote or love note for your kids. Seriously, go get one today!
Thanks Paige for having me as your guest today 🙂 I hope everyone has a safe and SPOOKY Halloween!
Super cute, right? Goes right along with all of these “Monster-y” Halloween ideas we’ve had. Now you can build a monster face, keep away the monsters with monster spray and make a monster art gallery!


And I love the idea of having a big magnetic wall – think of the possibilities! Thanks, Holly for sharing and we are definitely going to keep up with all of the fun things happening at My Sister’s Suitcase!
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Mod Podge Canvas Art

So, I was inspired by this canvas art from Crap I’ve Made posted at Tatertots & Jello…I knew I loved it the moment I saw it.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make my own version without using magazines, because well, we don’t get magazines here at our house in Mexico.

But I do have an abundance of scrapbooking paper scraps (because I save them all), so I decided to try to use the same technique with different supplies.

I pulled out all of my scraps and started tearing them into smaller pieces.


I had my 2-year-old help me with mod podging them onto the canvas. My technique was more of a organized randomness and his technique was just gluing things like crazy. His side actually ended up looking better than mine. (I tend to overthink things like this)


My original goal was to make a Welcome sign, so I cut the word “Welcome” out on my Silhouette SD and traced it onto the canvas using pencil. Then began the tedious part – painting white around the traced words. I painted and painted and painted. Four coats later, the color was mostly covered, but I hated the way the word welcome looked.

First, it was crooked. Second, it just didn’t stand out enough.

LESSON LEARNED: Use a much more simple shape, like the bird on the branch of my inspiration. Don’t get too complicated.

Luckily, this is a project that you can easily fix. I just took more paper and covered up the welcome to start over. My husband suggested doing something for the kitchen like a coffee cup or some kitchen utensils and I loved the idea. He’s brilliant, sometimes.

So, I found a coffee cup image with some cute heart-shaped steam and cut it out on the Silhouette. This was much easier to trace than the welcome and much easier to paint around. It took about 3 coats of white to mostly cover the scrapbooking paper and voila:



I love it – it’s fits us, because, well, we love coffee. And living in Mexico, we have some darn good coffee, so it’s perfect.

linked up at Todays Creative Blog

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My Grafico…how did I miss this?

I just found the My Grafico site over on Little Birdie Secret’s giveaway and I’m wondering how I haven’t seen this site before?!

They have really amazing quality printables including invitations, graphics, party kits and much more for great prices.

This printable pirate party set is $6!

The best thing is that they have a freebie section!

this printable Halloween party kit is free

I entered Little Birdie Secret’s giveaway…here’s hoping I win!

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Family Rules Canvas

I had seen these amazing family rules canvases all over the internet a while back and knew I had to make one (photos from The Pleated Poppy, Owlhaven & Tatertots and Jello. Aren’t they adorable?!

I picked out my paper, got a canvas and started picking out what rules I wanted on there. 

And then, life happened. 

Everything ended up in a pile on top of the entertainment center gathering dust for months. 

Well, this last weekend I decided I would finally tackle it again. The hardest thing for me was deciding on which rules to include – I had a huge list of ones I liked and I agonized over what was important to our family. 

I finally settled on these:

  1. Always use soft words, even when you don’t feel well.
  2. Always display kind actions, even if you have been mistreated.
  3. Never raise a hand to hit.
  4. Never raise a voice to yell.
  5. Never raise an eye to scowl.
  6. Don’t go to bed angry or guilty.
  7. Look for ways to help others
  8. Be creative at all times
  9. Share everything – except gossip & germs
  10. Learn Something new everyday.
  11. Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last.
Some of them are from The Duggar’s website and some I found on other canvas examples.

All you need is coordinating paper, a canvas, a printer and some mod podge. 

I cut my paper down into 8.5 x 11 pieces, so that I could run it through my printer. Typed each rule, put it in a different font and printed it on the paper. Then I laid out each rule and cut it down into strips making each piece fit next to the other. I filled in the blank areas with other paper and mod podged everything onto the canvas. You could also do a coat of mod podge all over the whole thing just to seal it, but I haven’t done that yet. The best part is that you can make it to fit your style, your house & your family!


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Hide and Seek Flap Book

I purchased this blank book from a Scrapbooking convention months ago (it’s a Hide and Seek Flap book from Piggy Tales).

I had grand dreams of turning it into a family book for my son. We have such a huge family and part of them live out of state. I thought it would be a good way to teach him their names and get him acquainted with everyone’s faces.

Well, months later, I am finally finished with it! I am so pleased with how it turned out, though it was quite a bit of work.

First, I picked one stack of paper to use for the whole book. It was an easy way for me to keep consistency in colors/styles without putting too much thought into it. I picked “The Green Stack” because I loved the characters, colors and it wasn’t too girly.

The blank book comes with a template for cutting out paper to fit the pages and leave openings for the flaps. It’s a little tricky to get the slots cut just right and it took an exacto for me to get the flaps all completely cut out. Using the template, I cut out paper to cover all of the pages and cut out paper for the flaps in contasting patterns.

I covered the cover with paper and used a contasting paper over the binding.

Last, I stuck pictures of all of our immediate family members in the flaps. There weren’t enough built-in flaps for all of our family, so I created some of my own out of cardstock. I also added clues next to each flap so that we can read him the clues and he can guess who is under the flap. The super cute font I used for the clues is Pea Anna Banana from the kevin & amanda blog. They have tons of great handwritten fonts and they are free!

Not only do I love it, but he seems to love it too. He flips through over and over again and loves finding the pictures of Mommy, Daddy and himself.