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“It’s all about the candy…” Printable

Yippee! Halloween in only 28 days away! I’m getting excited…starting to make Halloween costumes and plan a party for some of our friends who live here in Mexico.

Found a cute saying the other day and I thought that it would be a great printable.

My goal was to put the frame behind a bowl of candy corn…but you guessed it – no candy corn in Mexico (at least not where I could find it).  Oh well, you get the idea!

Download, print and enjoy!


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Favorite Toy Printable

Zander: Mommy, come play with me!

Me: Zander, mommy is working on something important (i.e. reading a great craft blog)…go play with your toys.

Zander: I don’t wanna play with toys, I wanna play with you.


Am I the only one who has this scenario happen?

It happens daily and truthfully, some days I’m selfish and don’t stop what I’m doing…but I’m trying to get better.

This quote made me think a little more carefully about spending time just playing with my little boy. I want to be his favorite toy!

Remind yourself to spend more time with your kiddos…

Download the printable here.

Make it your Desktop Wallpaper.
1280 x 1024
1600 x 1200 

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Toddler Chore Chart

My big guy is approaching the big number 3 and we have noticed his desire to help around the house. In order to encourage that desire, we decided to make him a chart so that he can consistently help with tasks around the house. Of course, we made them easy enough for his developmental abilities and used pictures so that he could understand by himself. I wanted to make a magnet board, but couldn’t seem to find any sheets of metal here in our limited stores, so I went with a dry erase board approach. It is super simple, but hey, he’s 2…simple is good.

Here’s how I made it:

1. I got this sheet of plastic from our Home Depot (assuming that dry erase marker would work on it). It was $30 pesos ($2.50). Oh, and only one side is dry erasable – the shiny side. I made the mistake of writing on the matte side and yes, it did not come off, even with Windex. Boo.

2. I designed and printed out the chart of his chores.

3. I mounted it on scrapbook paper and used stickers to put his name.

4. I used scotch tape to secure the paper to the plastic (because I’m cheap and want to be able to change it out if his chores change). However, I could have mod podged it to the plastic as well.

5. My hubby drilled small holes and I used craft thread to hang it from the wall.

I know there are some awesome elaborate chore charts online and I love them. When my kids are older, I will probably do something more complex, but for now, he loves this one and I think just marking on it is more exciting than any sort of reward. We are working out what his prize at the end of each week will be. We’re thinking like 50 cents to put in his piggy bank.

Download a printable of the chart here:

download chart with these jobs here

or a blank chart you can fill in with your own jobs here

What age did you start expecting chores from your kids? How do you encourage participation?

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Trick-or-Treaters Welcome!

This printable is all for you…because I don’t think they trick-or-treat here.

They have all of the Day of the Dead stuff and it’s pretty dark…don’t think it’s quite as fun or light-hearted as the U.S. Halloween.

This makes me super sad, because Halloween is my birthday and I love, love dressing up and dressing my boys up.

Here we are for my son's first halloween as Dorothy, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion

We are going to have to figure out a Halloween party for all of our American friends so our kids can still enjoy the holiday.

Print this out and and hang it on your door so all of the little kids know you have lots of candy!

Download PDF printable here.


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Battle of the Giveaways

I’m so excited to share this with all of you – I’m giving away something over at Our Military Home…but I can’t tell you what. Because, well, I don’t know what I’m giving away yet!

Taylor is hosting a battle to decide which of three different prizes I will be giving away. I’m not even going to tell you what the options are…just go over there and check it out. Then vote on what you want to win and in 1 week we will give the details on how you can win it!

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love printable & desktop wallpaper

I spend my days graphic designing for my day job, (mostly professional-type business materials) so I love to design something girly and fun. It’s refreshing to use the colors & fonts I like and not worry about a client…so here’s something I just designed for fun. “Do small things with great love.” Download it, print it, hang it. Save the wallpaper as your desktop on your computer. Enjoy!

Printable (8.5 x 11)

Desktop Wallpaper
1280 x 1024
1600 x 1200 

Todays Creative Blog

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My Grafico…how did I miss this?

I just found the My Grafico site over on Little Birdie Secret’s giveaway and I’m wondering how I haven’t seen this site before?!

They have really amazing quality printables including invitations, graphics, party kits and much more for great prices.

This printable pirate party set is $6!

The best thing is that they have a freebie section!

this printable Halloween party kit is free

I entered Little Birdie Secret’s giveaway…here’s hoping I win!

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Turning 30 & Birthday Printable

Not me, I’m still a few years away from the big 3-0, but this weekend we celebrated my husband’s 30th birthday. I tried to decide if I wanted to do a theme for the party, but couldn’t come up with something great for a 30th, so I decided to just go with “Turning 30” being the theme.


I hung up signs around the room with random facts and quotes I found about turning 30 – my hubby wasn’t especially encouraged about losing muscle mass.

I hung up this Happy Birthday pennant banner above the food table – it added just the right amount of festivity. (I’ve included the printable below.)

I figured a man’s party is mostly about food, but we didn’t want to serve a full meal, so we went with snacks. After putting together our menu I realized that the real theme of the party was “Cream cheese” because everything we picked had cream cheese:

Bacon-wrapped Stuff Jalapenos, Stuffed Mushrooms, Creamy Caramel Apple Dip,

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake w/Cream Cheese Icing (shaped as an Apple laptop)…lots and lots of fattening cream cheese.

Fattening, but delicious.

P.S. If you like chocolate cake – try this recipe. Trust me, it’s a-maz-ing.

Here’s the Happy Birthday Pennant Banner (printable on an 8.5 x 11)