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Kids’ Cafe Table

I loved this table the moment I saw it…but I have nowhere for it.


Nowhere in my whole house.

Except the playroom.


So I stuck it in there by the play kitchen and put 2 little chairs at it, but it just looked too plain.

I pulled out some red spray paint {Rust-oleum  Sunrise Red} and spiced it up a bit.

{sanded lightly first, then sprayed 3-4 very light coats of red and 1 coat of spray polyurethane}


It looks fabulous in our playroom and my lil’ man Z loves it!



He says it matches Lightning McQueen now.


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Toddler Chore Chart

My big guy is approaching the big number 3 and we have noticed his desire to help around the house. In order to encourage that desire, we decided to make him a chart so that he can consistently help with tasks around the house. Of course, we made them easy enough for his developmental abilities and used pictures so that he could understand by himself. I wanted to make a magnet board, but couldn’t seem to find any sheets of metal here in our limited stores, so I went with a dry erase board approach. It is super simple, but hey, he’s 2…simple is good.

Here’s how I made it:

1. I got this sheet of plastic from our Home Depot (assuming that dry erase marker would work on it). It was $30 pesos ($2.50). Oh, and only one side is dry erasable – the shiny side. I made the mistake of writing on the matte side and yes, it did not come off, even with Windex. Boo.

2. I designed and printed out the chart of his chores.

3. I mounted it on scrapbook paper and used stickers to put his name.

4. I used scotch tape to secure the paper to the plastic (because I’m cheap and want to be able to change it out if his chores change). However, I could have mod podged it to the plastic as well.

5. My hubby drilled small holes and I used craft thread to hang it from the wall.

I know there are some awesome elaborate chore charts online and I love them. When my kids are older, I will probably do something more complex, but for now, he loves this one and I think just marking on it is more exciting than any sort of reward. We are working out what his prize at the end of each week will be. We’re thinking like 50 cents to put in his piggy bank.

Download a printable of the chart here:

download chart with these jobs here

or a blank chart you can fill in with your own jobs here

What age did you start expecting chores from your kids? How do you encourage participation?