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Toddler tie update!

Dear everyone who has been asking for the pattern for the toddler tie for months,

I’m so sorry. Please forgive me for taking forever to share it with you. Honestly I’ve never created a pattern before…I hardly know how to use one. I’m such a sewing newbie, that it took me a while to put the pattern together. Then we moved out of the country, had a nino and our life got turned upside down. I know I have the pattern somewhere around here, but have yet to find and scan it. However, in the meantime, the original pattern has been reposted here at Very Homemade. Thanks goodness to Laura for pointing me to it!

I promise I’ll be blogging again soon!


Homemade Ring Stacker

I saw this Heather Bailey pattern at our local scrapbooking store (which has now started carrying fabric/sewing supplies) and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. Of course, I was oblivious to the difficulty level of the pattern and bought it thinking, “I’ll make these for all of the baby showers I have coming up over the next few months.” Boy, was I wrong. Being a sewing newbie, this was definitely a challenge.

I spent hours just cutting out all of the fabric and there was a good amount of hand sewing (which I have very little patience or skill in).

I love, love the way it turned out and will definitely attempt it again, but I don’t think I will be cranking these out for any ol’ baby shower. I made one revision and had my husband and dad make a wooden base instead of using the fabric cone to stack them on. This made it feel a little more sturdy and so cute.


Ten Minute Toddler Necktie

I love that knowing how to sew makes so many things so much easier. It was the day before we were heading to a wedding and I had the thought that Zander would look so great in a tie. Before my sewing days I might have run around looking for the perfect little man tie and probably would’ve given up because of the ridiculous prices of kids clothes. Instead, with the help of google, I was able to look up a pattern online, use some fabric I already had and whip out a perfectly adorable little tie.

I got the free printable pattern from M & A blog. If you want to make a really snazzy, miniature version of a real man’s tie, use their tutorial, it’s amazing. However, if you want to make a tie in less than ten minutes, (or don’t like tons of steps and interfacing…bleh) use their pattern and follow my shortcut cheater steps to a perfectly acceptable toddler tie.

1. Print out the pattern, cut and tape it together. I trimmed the pattern down a bit since I was making it for a 1 1/2 year old and it says ages 2 -5.

2. Find 2 coordinating prints (this will be reversible!) and cut out one tie shape of each pattern.

3. Pin the 2 pieces together, right sides together and sew all around the outer edge, leaving a few inch opening to turn it right side out. Trim seams to 1/4″.

4. Turn right side out. Tuck unfinished edges in and sew closed along edge. Now, the main part of your tie is done!

5. Cut a 2″ x 18″ piece of one of your fabrics. fold it with the right side inside. Sew along the whole edge, leaving room to turn right side out.

6. Turn right side out. Tuck unfinished edge in and sew closed along edge. Add velcro to each end. Press all of the pieces.

7. Now, the tricky part. Tying the tie to the neckband. Follow step 14 on M & A because she has great pictures of each step. It takes a few tries to get it just right.

Now, you have a super cute reversible toddler necktie!

UPDATE: The pattern is no longer available at the original link…here is the blog where you can download the pattern: Very Homemade.


A "Super" Easter Giveaway!

I hope you all saw the superhero cape I made for my lil’ guy for Easter. Well, I had enough supplies left to make some more capes, so I wanted to do my very first GIVEAWAY. I’ll be giving away 1 superhero cape made to fit a 2-4 year old. It will look almost identical to the picture except that the winner can tell me what letter they would like on the back.

To enter, simply comment on this post, tell me your name, where you live and if you have a blog include the link. I’ll be picking a winner on Monday, April 5th using Entries must be received by Sunday at midnight. The giveaway is open to US residents only. One entry per person.

Hope you are having a wonderful Holy Week and Happy Easter!


Superhero Capes!

Item #1 for Zander’s Easter basket is complete! Last night my friend, Andria and I cranked out 3 superhero capes for our boys. Now, I’ve mentioned before that I am a sewing novice, so this was quite an undertaking. However, they actually turned out pretty good. They got progressively better as we got the hang of it. I used the tutorial/pattern from Floating World Views here. It worked great! 
Z for Zander, L for Logan & E for Ethan

Easy enough for beginners, but it makes a great looking cape. The great thing was that we used sheets my mom had (from Goodwill) for our fabric so we spent almost nothing on them (had to buy a few sheets of felt and some Wonder Under).  I’m thinking of putting together a few more as gifts for some other little boys, they’d be a big hit.

A cheap and adorable Easter gift for my lil’ Superhero! Can’t wait to see him running around wearing it.


Boring Sewing Machine Case + Mod Podge = Fabulous

Ok, so I’m a total sewing newbie…I’ve had my own sewing machine for 4 years, but haven’t had the discipline to sit down and learn how to use it until recently. And, surprisingly, I’m really starting to like it. Thus far, after each use, I pack the machine back up in the styrofoam and slide it gently into the original box. Yes, it’s a pain. I hate taking it out and I hate putting it away. So, I decided to get a case for it! 

Now, seeing as I’ve never shopped for a sewing machine case before, I thought that there would be different colors & patterns to choose from. I was wrong. They are white…white, white and maybe off-white. I found a few cool vintage ones on ebay, but they were way out of my price range, so I gave in and got a $20 plain white one off of the Wal-mart website. So, I decided I would have to figure out how to doll it up myself. I headed to the fabric store, not to buy fabric to sew with, but to mod podge the fabric on my new, boring, white sewing machine case!

And, the finished product….drumroll please…

I may be adding some more details to finish off the edges or add some bling, but I am so happy with how it turned out! Just looking at it inspires me to be creative! And, it was inexpensive and easy.  

(by the way, isn’t this fabric so adorable?)

All I did was lay the case and trace to make a pattern, covered it in mod podge, tucked the edges of the fabric under and pressed it down. It took about 1 yard of fabric. I went back and made sure all of the edges were secured and presto! Now, I just have to conquer the sewing part!

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Why are all the great projects for girls?

Anyone else out there who has boy(s) ever think, “Why are all of the great projects for girls?” I’ve probably said that to my mom 10 times in the last month. I show her these adorable dress patterns, bows, hats and aprons and say, “why isn’t there anything cute I can make for a boy?”

Well, someone out there in the blog world [MADE] heard my whining and their theme for February is “Celebrate the Boy”! Yippee! A whole month of boy stuff in a year full of tutus and bows! I don’t know if they’ve spurred everyone else to focus on boys, but there have been a lot of great things out there for all of the little men.

Check out some of my faves:

I love these t-shirts from Make it and Love it:

These would be great for an old shirt that has a stain the just won’t come out.

A Recycled T-shirt Hoodie from Lil Blue Boo

they sell the pattern for this one on Etsy and I’m really considering buying it, because these would be great for my lil’ guy at any age.
Have you seen any other great things out there for little guys? If so, I’d love to hear your ideas!